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You haven’t seen a Ford Mustang Like This Before

The Ford Mustang has been a muscle car for all ages over the past five decades, and to this day, it hasn’t changed. Ford has partnered with Power Wheels to create something like no other Ford Mustang before.

We can safely say the Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang is way better than any toy car we had as kids. This battery-operated model looks and even sounds like a real Mustang. Plus, it has a number of safety features that will reassure parents.

“Mustang is one of our best-selling sports cars,” said Gary Collins, senior manager of design for Power Wheels, in a release. “For the Smart Drive Mustang, we wanted to amp up the realistic driving experience to make the feeling of getting behind the wheel even more thrilling for kids.”

Available in either blue or pink, the Power Wheels Mustang is the result of a collaboration between Ford and Fisher-Price. It features engine sounds recorded from a real Mustang, rising and falling with changes in vehicle speed just like a real car. Traction control helps keep the car going over wet grass or bumpy surfaces, and a tilt sensor works to prevent rollovers (no joke). A backlit LED touch interface allows parents to set the car’s top speed anywhere from 1-5 mph. Because distracted driving isn’t as pressing of an issue at these speeds, kids can plug in devices through an auxiliary input jack inside the car and play music through the car’s own speakers.

“It’s not cheap, but it’s less expensive than paying $20,000 for a real car when they turn 16.” Ford says.

Source: Motortrend

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