What would you do, to get into a 2017 Ford GT?

No matter if you drive a Ford GT40 or a Fairmont Futura, you have to get in line.

500 people will actually get the opportunity to buy one of the 2017 and 2018 Ford GTs, with more to come later on. Ford’s announcement of the GT brought everyone to the yard, with almost 200,000 people trying out the online configurator (including us). Nearly half a million visitors found their way to the site, 10,800 people expressed interest in the car, and 6,506 people sent in applications to become “ambassadors” of the new $450,000 supercar.

To really drive home the message that they wanted a 2017 GT, applicants got crafty, sending Ford videos uploaded on YouTube, where they told just how much they wanted one and why they would be perfect matches with the supercar. Much like applying for a dream job, the videos were tailored to ensure a place behind the wheel – or at least that’s what the applicants hoped would happen. Ford says the initial one-month application window is now closed, and so it’s time to review the applications. 32 percent of them were sent in during the last six days, a definite spike in interest.

Here are some of the videos AutoBlog found:

Source: The 2017 Ford GT received 6,506 applications – Autoblog