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Ford’s Building Hybrid Mustangs and F-150’s

Hybrids may be the way of the future, and Ford has recognized it early and now opting for a more performance take on Hybrids. Earlier today, Ford announced that a hybrid Mustang will debut in 2020. Yes, that isn’t a typo, a hybrid Mustang. Ford CEO, Mark Fields, announced the exciting news at a press conference in Michigan where the Mustang is currently produced.

Along with the hybrid Mustang announcement, Ford announced that a hybrid F-150 and an all-electric SUV with a capable range of 480 KM’s is set to released around the same time as the hybrid Mustang.

The hybrid Mustang will make more low-end torque and the same amount of horsepower as the V8 Mustang, which we can’t be more excited about. The hybrid F-150 can be used as a mobile on-site generator while boasting great towing and load capacity.

Source: Road & Track

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